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All Outta Bubblegum Soda

"I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of bubblegum."

The line is famous for good reason. Show your "They Live" chops by grabbing one of these killer bottles of Rowdy Roddy Piper's Bubble Gum Soda. Specially crafted by the Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Company, you can choose an unsigned bottle as an awesome souvenir, or get a limited edition collectible version, signed and numbered by The Man himself. Only 200 signed bottles will be available in 2014. Grab yours now while you can!

Due to issues with breakage we can only ship a maximum of 3 bottles to a package.

Please NOTE: Prices shown include shipping. There will be no extra charge for shipping, but all soda orders will incur an additional handling charge of $4 per order

We are sorry but due to customs restrictions we are unable to ship bottles of soda outside the United States.

Hot Rod Tee

The original and still the coolest Hot Rod logo ringer tee! Available in white or black.

All cotton, all cool, all the time.

Panther Iron-On

Limited Time Only!! Rowdy Rod's retro signature iron-on Panther patch! Iron onto any shirt you like! Just peel off plastic backing and use your iron at home to iron onto any tee, hoody, almost any piece of clothing! NOTE - Iron-On only. No t-shirt included. Rod not included, either.

One Size
Graphic Novel Tee

You know Rowdy Roddy Piper is a force of nature, but did you know his wrestling career was just a front for his real job: Monster Killer!! Get this Graphic Novel t-shirt to let the world know you're in on Rod's killer secret!

Villain Tee

Bearing a silk screened signature of the Ultimate Villain himself, show your good taste and bad attitude with this black t-shirt.

Graphic Novel [pre-order]

And all these years you thought he was just a bad-ass wrestler? Get the real scoop about Rod's life, his mission, and the way he's been secretly saving humanity for the past 30 years. Wrestling gave him the cover, but Rod's real job isn't something he chose - it was handed down to him by his ancestors, and now it's time for Rod to pass it along - to the son who barely knows he exists.

With incredible art and a story you can't put down, this graphic novel is sure to be a collector's item for generations. Don't miss out!

From Grind House Comics, expected delivery date February 1, 2015. Reserve your copy now!

Graphic Novel Poster

Get your very own suitable-for-framing poster of the amazing original cover art for the upcoming graphic novel Rowdy Roddy Piper, Monster Killer. Available unsigned, or personally autographed by Rod for a once-in-a-lifetime collector's item!

Designed by renowned illustrator Joe Jusko, this incredible artwork shows Rod giving his own brand of love tap to one of the many demons trying to take over the Earth.

All posters measure 11x17 inches. The signed version will be personally signed by Rod himself. If ever there was a collector's item in the making, this is it!

Autographed Photo: Bagpipes

What could possibly say "Rod" more than this? Personally signed by Rod, this one is suitable for framing, folks. Dimensions are 8"x10" (20cm x 25cm).

Autographed Photo: Champion

Get your very own photo of the man himself, personally signed by Rod. This one is suitable for framing, folks. Dimensions are 8"x10" (20cm x 25cm).

Autographed Photo: Kilt

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to mess with this man! But I would definitely want this classic photo, personally signed by Rod. Suitable for framing. Dimensions are 8"x10" (20cm x 25cm).

Autographed Photo: Kilt & Jacket

If looks could kill Rod would be racking up one heck of a body count with this one!! The baddest villain around. Personally signed by Rod, this one is suitable for framing, folks. Dimensions are 8"x10" (20cm x 25cm).

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